středa 6. prosince 2006

Váleni akademické šunky u Weilerů

We would like to inform you that applications are currently being accepted for the Global Visitors Program at the Hauser Global Law School Program and the Emile Noel Fellowship Program at the Jean Monnet Center for International Regional Economic Law & Justice, New York University School of Law. The deadline for submission of applications for the academic year 2007-2008 is February 28th, 2007 by which time all applications should be received in full.
The principle aim of the Global Visitors Program is the production of scholarship and the advancement of research on the global issues prioritized by the Hauser Global Law School Program. The main objective of the Emile Noel Fellowship Program is the research of the over-arching themes at the Jean Monnet Center such as European Integration, general issues of International (WTO) and Regional Economic Law and Justice, and Comparative Constitutional Law. The expectation for both programs is that the residency of our Fellows will result in at least one paper that will be of sufficient quality to be published as part of either Working Paper Series. In addition, all visitors will find a wealth of academic activities in which they may participate, including fora, lectures, colloquia, seminars and conferences.
There are several categories of visitors within these programs, to find out more about the criteria and conditions of each, please refer to:

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