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CASELEX hledá národní přispěvatele

Níže přetiskuji nabídku společnosti CASELEX, která průběžně hledá národní zpravodaje pro doplňování své databáze obsahující rozhodnutí soudů členských států, která aplikují právo Evropských společenství v nejrůznějších (komerčně zajímavých) oblastech. Práce (placená 50 Euro za zpracovaný judikát) je ideální pro doktorandy a jiné čerstvé absolventy s výtečnou angličtinou.

What is Caselex?
Caselex (www.caselex.com) is a unique premium online service for important national case law linked to EU law. Caselex aggregates and adds value to national case law of all EU and EFTA States, summarizing important cases and translating those summaries into English. So, allowing case law to travel freely across Europe. Through Caselex, a French lawyer will be able to benefit from a decision of a judge in Athens.

What is Caselex looking for?
At present, Caselex has a network of around 100 national editors (Country Correspondents). As Caselex is extending its content scope, taking on board new areas of law, Caselex is now seeking to reinforce this network with new Country Correspondents and hopes to find the best of the breed!

What do I need to do?
The tasks to be carried out are:
· identifying and selecting relevant national case law (of your home country).
· authoring of headnotes, summaries and metadata based on the Caselex editorial guidelines (headnotes and summaries are typically around 1 A4 page in total).

What are the capabilities needed?
Any applicant should meet the following requirements:
· PHD level (or good Master level) with good understanding of your national law and its links with European law.
· fluent writing skills in English, mastering English legal terminology.
· above all, a timely, committed and dedicated working attitude.

What do I get in return?
Candidates will be offered:
· a fixed freelance remuneration of 50 euros per case.
· a free personal licence to use Caselex.
· a great opportunity to work in a multinational legal network addressing the
· application of EU law.
· direct links with leading law firms within your country (which are collaborating with Caselex).

Call for more information or send your CV together with a cover letter to Patricia Ypma.
email: patricia.ypma@caselex.com
phone: +44 787 237 9184
skype: patricia.ypma

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