úterý 13. dubna 2010

Zajímavá práce pro NYU in Prague

New York University in Prague is looking for reliable Czech students who can work as Resident Assistants (RAs) in dormitory housing in Nusle,Vinohrady and Holesovice. The RAs will live in our housing with students from the U.S. who are studying in Prague for one semester.

The RAs have a number of duties in Residence Hall and at the NYU Center, including:

- helping the students during orientation + running activities to help students get acquainted to Prague and each other,
- helping them deal with personal problems during the semester,
- responding to any emergency situations (medical, etc),
- being a liaison between the staff and the students,
- working with NYU staff and enforcing policies in the residence hall +
- organize activities and events throughout the semester for the students
and accompany students on overnight trips,
- be responsible for manning an emergency phone that will rotate among the
- work 10 hours per week in the library at the NYU center doing
adminstrative work.

RAs must be available in June from the training (date TBA) The contract will be from August 23 - December 22, 2010 and can be renewed for the Spring 2011 semester January - May 2010).

The assistant should expect to be in Prague for approx. one third of the semester when on duty; weekends are divided up.

Applicants must be fully proficient in English, outgoing, and able to work in a team situation. They will also be competent and
willing to do adminstrative support work. Minimum age: 21 by August 2010.

Free housing in a single room in NYU in Prague housing (shared bathroom and kitchen). Honorarium provided for the work at the NYU Center.

For more information about NYU in Prague, see our web site, www.nyu.cz.

If you are interested, please send a CV to Martina Faltova - martina@nyu.edu.

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