úterý 24. července 2012

British Law Centre slaví 20 let

Níže informace pro absolventy "Diploma in an Introduction to English and EU Law", který v letech 1999 - 2009 běžel na pražské Právnické fakultě, tehdy ještě pod hlavičkou University of Cambridge. Program samotný a British Law Centre jej provozující slaví v září 20 let svého působení ve střední a východní Evropě.

Dear Alumni,

“Time flies” (quote from Konrad, aged 5, after throwing his dad’s watch out of the window), indeed it does, which is amazing, given that none of the BLC staff will admit to being any older than 30...

As one of our alumni, tutors or current students you have been part of our success story and we would love to share this moment with you. There are now a few thousand of you in numerous countries, most of you no doubt busy with work (often with impressive employers) and probably missing the freedom and intellectual and social stimulation of your days at the BLC. If so, read on...

The BLC is organising 2 events to celebrate its anniversary: one academic and the other social (to reflect the two aspects of the BLC). Both events are to be held in Warsaw, Poland (where the BLC was “born”), so get your calendars out and reserve the following dates:

Friday 21st September 2012 – Conference entitled “Two decades of change in the UK and Central and Eastern Europe”, involving leading academics and practitioners from Cambridge University and elsewhere. All welcome.

Saturday 22nd September 2012 – Dinner/Dance at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Marriot, involving past and present lecturers, tutors and students from the various BLC centres around Central & Eastern Europe which will be a ticketed event, details and reservation information attached. Numbers will be limited so make sure you get in first and book a table for 10 to share the event with your friends/colleagues!.

Details of the event will shortly be available at a dedicated web site to be found at
www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/anniversary but as we hope that we will be able to attract some of our alumni from outside of Poland this is to give you some advance warning. Find time to take a break from your busy life as we would love to see you at these events for a discussion (at the conference) and a social extravaganza (at the Dinner/Dance), so we hope you’ll be able to join us to celebrate the BLC’s 20th birthday! And maybe you’ll find out how well a supreme court judge can dance... or a Cambridge professor sing!!!

See you there!

Denise, Steve and all past/present BLC tutors

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